Athletic Lab South Wake is kicking off the spring season with some exciting changes to our schedule including the addition of a new class to our Performance Fitness offerings. Please note the following schedule changes that will go in to effect on April 8th:


6:30 am – Performance Fitness Open Prep will replace Performance Fitness CF


6 pm – Performance Fitness SwOLY will replace Performance Fitness Open Prep


SwOLY = Swole + Olympic Weightlifting

Our SwOly class is mix of Olympic weightlifting and traditional bodybuilding style training. The first half of the class is focused on athletic power development using weightlifting movements like the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. The second half of the session is dedicated to bodybuilding exercises and methods. It’s the perfect class for people who are looking to develop a strong athletic looking body and work on the nuances of the weightlifting movements and derivatives.