Etiquette is a code of behavior that defines expectations and behavior within a social group. Like most businesses, Athletic Lab South Wake has its own expected etiquette to ensure we can deliver an un-compromised experience for all our members. You can read about our facility etiquette here. The following is our session etiquette.

This is a good refresher to those who’ve been with us for awhile and a primer for those who are just joining us. These session guidelines help to make everyone’s experience as amazing as possible. Following these guidelines will help you have a safe, effective and enjoyable training session.

  1. Use Equipment Wisely. Sharing is fine, stealing isn’t. Athletic Lab South Wake is one of the best equipped training centers in the world, but there are still times it may seem like we’re short on a piece of equipment. In cases like this, try to be polite and share your equipment with fellow members. Also, when you’re setting up for a workout, please try to set up your area ahead of time with the gear you’ll need so you’re not impeding others.
  2. Let the Coaches Coach. We understand you want to be helpful and there’s certainly a time and place for co-coaching other members but please be mindful if you’re going to coach members during a class. It can send mixed signals to the person being coached and potentially makes it difficult for the coach to do their job.
  3. Open-Gym Hierarchy. If you’re coming to Athletic Lab South Wake to train on your own outside of a coach-led session, please respect the space and equipment requirements of the ongoing classes. This means if there is ever a space or equipment limitation, open gym participants are required to give up whatever is necessary for a group class or private training session. We try to make this clear when someone signs up for a membership, but it’s worth reiterating. Equipment conflicts are almost never a problem. What is more likely to happen are space conflicts that prevent a coach from having the best control and view for coaching.  If a class is taking place, we’d appreciate it if Open-Gym members request permission from the coach in question before moving to the area, even if that area appears to be open at the time.
  4. Be On Time. A minute or two isn’t a big deal and it’s not always avoidable, but please try not to be late. It’s not only distracting for the coach, but it also means you may enter the main portion of the workout without being sufficiently warmed up. This could lead to injury and no one wants that.
  5. Communicate. Help us help you. We love both small and large feedback.
  6. Pay Attention. Whether you’re a new member or a long-time member with experience, we think you’ll benefit from what our coaches have to say. Athletic Lab South Wake boasts the most educated, credentialed and experienced staff in the area and they have a wealth of information to share. Whether it’s the description and instruction for the workout or cues and movement standards for an exercise, it’s always a good idea to listen to our coaches.
  7. Ensure Safe Space. Bars, kettlebells, medicine balls and peoples are just a handful of the things flying around Athletic Lab South Wake. We follow industry standards for spacing of each individual workout space but we count on our members to be alert and respect the training space of others. If someone has a barbell overhead, please don’t run underneath it. If a medicine ball is being thrown back and forth, please don’t walk in the path. If someone is sprinting in open space, please stay out of their lane.
  8. Control Your Kids. Athletic Lab South Wake is a family-friendly community and we think it’s great that we have youth athletes participating in our programs and children who are even younger being exposed to health and fitness from a young age. That being said, the training floor can be a dangerous place for children and children on the loose can cause dangerous situations for our members who are forced to tweak lifts or movements in order to avoid crashing into a stray child. We ask that you make sure your children stay off of the training floor and away from all equipment.
  9. Join the Community. Our members and supportive community is one of the things that makes Athletic Lab South Wake so special. Part of the benefit of this is the communal support and camaraderie.  You can help be a part of our community by welcoming new faces and joining in on our community as you feel comfortable. We regularly host off-site community events and these are a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals that may train at different time slots than you do.