GuAthletic Lab South Wake is excited to announce that we’re offering a 2 week free trial to all friends & family members of the Athletic Lab South Wake community. Beginning May 20th and extending through June 16th, visitors can attend unlimited Performance Fitness or Scholastic Sports Performance Classes at Athletic Lab South Wake for a 2 week period. Our Performance Fitness membership includes access to all our CrossFit, Yoga, Senza [Bootcamp], Endurance, Pure Kettlebell and SwOLY classes. Scholastic Sports Performance is designed for athletes looking to improve their speed, strength and power.

At the conclusion of the 2 week free trial period, friends and family members will receive a limited time discount if they choose to sign up. Former members with a membership lapse of 3 or more months are eligible to take advantage of this promotion. As always, referring members will receive a $50 account credit for any visitor who signs up for a monthly membership.


  • Guests may attend 2 weeks of unlimited free classes in either our Performance Fitness or Scholastic Sports Performance memberships
  • The 2 week free trial window may commence any time between May 20th and June 16th
  • Referring members will receive $50 account credit for any guest who signs up for a Performance Fitness or Scholastic Sports Performance membership
  • Prior members may take advantage of the promotion if their prior membership had lapsed for 3 or more months