Athletic Lab South Wake in Holly Springs, NC is proud to announce the start of a new 4 week introductory package for prospects and new members. The 4 week program is called “Foundations” and will introduce new members to our Performance Fitness program. The goal is to prepare our new members to seamlessly transition in to our full Performance Fitness classes.

The first 2 weeks of the Foundations course will take place in a closed, small group environment with others in the Foundations program. You will be taught our most commonly used exercises in a non-intimidating format that is perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced athletes looking to refresh their technique. This will ensure members start their fitness journey in the safest and most effective way possible. During these first 2 weeks, Foundations course members will also perform scaled versions of our full classes and learn our facility etiquette and protocols. The specialized classes in the first 2 weeks of the Foundations program are offered in the AM and PM Monday through Thursday. Each day’s session builds on the preceding one in a way that allows attendees to ramp up their fitness and learn our movement standards in a controlled and safe manner.

Once the 2 week Foundation course is completed, members may attend our normally scheduled Performance Fitness classes as often as they would like. Our Performance Fitness membership offers a wide variety of training experiences including CrossFit, Senza Bootcamp, Yoga, Endurance, Pure Kettlebell, and SwOly.

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Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

If you want to get started but don't know how, this program is for you! Learn our movements and perform appropriately scaled versions of our regular classes before you join our normal offerings.
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