Athletic Lab is the premier sport science research and athletic development facility located in North Carolina led by renowned coach and sport scientist Dr. Mike Young. We provide sport specific training for athletes as well as performance based fitness training for adults looking to get in the best shape of their life. Athletic Lab works with athletes from middle school to the elite professional using science-based, field-proven sport performance training methods. Our services have been used by the U.S., Chinese and South African Olympic teams as well as professional athletes from the MLS, NFL, MLB and PGA.

The goal of Athletic Lab is to help individuals and teams maximize their performance through sound, logical, and evidence-based training. We strive to offer the highest possible quality in a wide-range of services to meet every performance enhancement need.

Unlike our competitors, Athletic Lab can actually offer much more than just strength and conditioning services. Every member of the Athletic Lab team is an expert in their respective field. While other companies may claim to have “experts,” closer examination will reveal staffs made up primarily of individuals with nothing more than an undergraduate degree in a sports science. While this is certainly a great place to start, it doesn’t make one an expert. In contrast, members of the Athletic Lab team have higher level degrees and certifications and stay up to date with all the latest developments in the sports sciences. In addition, the Athletic Lab team is widely recognized for their contributions to sports and movement science research.

The Athletic Lab team are not only experts in their fields but they also have the experience to back up their knowledge. All your performance solutions are provided by consultants who have achieved high levels of on-the-field success with athletes ranging from beginner to elite. We understand what it takes to produce results and we know how to get the job done in the most effective manner possible.
Athletic Lab knows that physical training is only one aspect of performance enhancement. As such, our team of experts is trained to provide any performance solution you may need. Unlike our competitors who offer primarily just training program design, Athletic Lab can bring much more to the table. Because our expertise covers not only strength and conditioning, and speed development but also biomechanics, motor control, and sports psychology we can not only provide higher quality services but also a wider range of services.
Athletic Lab realizes that every athlete is unique and our services reflects this. Unlike other companies who give all of their clients the same “cookie-cutter” program, you can be sure that Athletic Lab tailors everything to your specific needs. Prior to any training program or special service, the Athletic Lab staff will assess your individual strengths and weaknesses using proven diagnostic tests. The results of these tests guide our recommendations so that you receive a personalized training experience that is created especially for your unique needs.

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